Modern Drummer app review October 2015

Miguel Monroy of Modern Drummer reviewed our app for the October edition of Modern Drummer. He even included a video with a demonstration of the 9 iOS Apps Every Drummer Should Know (see this post for a video of the new PercussionTutor version).

This is the only app in our list that’s dedicated solely to global percussion education, and it does its job wonderfully. It offers a well-organized list of rhythms from all over the world, grouped by country of origin, and there are multiple instrument options for each.

For the one-time fee you’ll get unlimited access to more than sixty rhythms, which include full transcriptions for every part, a live recording of the patterns, info about each rhythm, a metronome, and a Time Stretch feature that lets you speed up or slow down the audio examples.

Many of the rhythms also include a percussionist video demonstration. Once a specific rhythm is chosen, you’re taken to another screen that shows each instrument used to play the pattern. You then have the ability to turn the instruments on and off as you listen to the example audio. The simplicity and functionality of the PercussionTutor app is the result of a lot of work from the creators. This is a must-have for anyone wanting an encyclopedia of world percussion rhythms at their fingertips.” Miguel Monroy. Modern Drummer October 2015.

It’s a great honor to get listed along essential apps like Tempo and Groove Freedom.

20150820_Modern Drummer PercussionTutor Review October2015