Bata Rhythms On Congas by Arnold Moueza

Bata Rhythms On Congas Part 1 is the reference for transcriptions of Bata drum rhythms on congas. The precision, rigor and realism of its content gave the author the recognition of prestigious percussionists across the Atlantic and Europe.

Arnold gives us the keys to this unique system, in this book to the attention of all traditional music lovers, wishing to discover the rhythms of the Oru Seco, through the practice of congas.

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PercussionTutor for practicing

Classical Music ? You bet!

Drum! Magazine listed us in one of their feature articles: “19 drum apps that will change your life”.


Testbericht auf

Testbericht auf

Das Musikerportal hat PercussionTutor mit 4,5 von 5 Sternen ausgezeichnet. Drummer und Perkussionist Sven von Samson hat einen ausführlichen Test über Version 4.4 geschrieben.


Einige Auszüge

“Optisch macht die App einen sehr modernen und aufgeräumten Eindruck. Wegen ihrer klaren und schnörkellosen Symbole und der Reduzierung auf das Nötigste wirkt die Bedienoberfläche sehr übersichtlich und strukturiert.”

“Alle Rhythmen wurden von professionellen Perkussionisten im Studio eingespielt, so dass auch der jeweilige Swing der Rhythmen gut rüberkommt. Schon alleine das Anhören macht Spaß!”

“Für die Loops in der [Bata] Sektion Conversations wurde dem Player ein Zufallsgenerator implementiert, der dafür sorgt, dass die Conversations wie in einer Live-Situation zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten und mit variierenden Wiederholungen abgespielt werden. So muss man beim Üben ständig auf die Calls achten, die den Beginn oder das Ende einer solchen Passage einläuten.”

“Mit der PercussionTutor-App haben deren Macher eine umfangreiche, informative und unterhaltsame Rhythmus-Enzyklopädie für iOS (ab Version 8) geschaffen, die nicht nur Percussionisten begeistern wird. Knapp 60 mehr oder meist weniger bekannte Rhythmen stehen in der App in Form von Noten, live eingespielten Audio-Loops und Videos zur Verfügung und bereiten eine Menge Spaß beim Üben oder dem simplen Erkunden neuer Grooves. Unterrichtende Percussionisten haben zudem die Möglichkeit, die Noten als Begleitbuch auszudrucken und ganz legal an ihre Schüler weiterzugeben.”

“Die aktuelle Version 4.4 ist mit ein paar kleinen Darstellungsfehlern hier und dort zwar noch nicht ganz perfekt, aber schon sehr nahe dran. Lediglich die Möglichkeit, sich in allen Patterns vom Metronom einzählen zu lassen, wäre noch wünschenswert. So viel qualitativ hochwertiger Inhalt zu einem so kleinen Preis lässt aber dennoch nur eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung zu.”

Update auf Version 4.9

Beim letzten PercussionTutor Update sind wir selbstverständlich auf die Kritikpunkte eingegangen wie zB. die Korrekturen in der Notation. Außerdem bietet die App jetzt eine visuelle Abspielanzeige, die die Orientierung in einem Rhythmus Zyklus erleichtert (Einzählfunktion wird folgen) und die verschiedenen Instrumente wurden mit Namensschildern versehen. Wir arbeiten zur Zeit intensiv an einem Rhythmus Übungs-Feature und bauen selbstverständlich die Bibliothek kontinuierlich aus.

Miguel Monroy of Modern Drummer reviewed our app for the October edition of Modern Drummer. He even included a video with a demonstration of the 9 iOS Apps Every Drummer Should Know (see this post for a video of the new PercussionTutor version).

This is the only app in our list that’s dedicated solely to global percussion education, and it does its job wonderfully. It offers a well-organized list of rhythms from all over the world, grouped by country of origin, and there are multiple instrument options for each.

For the one-time fee you’ll get unlimited access to more than sixty rhythms, which include full transcriptions for every part, a live recording of the patterns, info about each rhythm, a metronome, and a Time Stretch feature that lets you speed up or slow down the audio examples.

Many of the rhythms also include a percussionist video demonstration. Once a specific rhythm is chosen, you’re taken to another screen that shows each instrument used to play the pattern. You then have the ability to turn the instruments on and off as you listen to the example audio. The simplicity and functionality of the PercussionTutor app is the result of a lot of work from the creators. This is a must-have for anyone wanting an encyclopedia of world percussion rhythms at their fingertips.” Miguel Monroy. Modern Drummer October 2015.

It’s a great honor to get listed along essential apps like Tempo and Groove Freedom.

20150820_Modern Drummer PercussionTutor Review October2015

PercussionTutor 4.0 update

Here is a 30 seconds video with everything you need to know about the PercussionTutor 4.0 update.

  • iPad version (PercussionTutor is now an universal app)
  • new design and user interface
  • better audio quality (compression rate is now 1/4 vs. 1/10 for the mp3 files used before)
  • new metronome playing along with every rhythm
  • time-stretching option on every rhythm & every instrument

We added a time-stretching option for all the rhythms in the app. The same lossless audio files you can find in the full book version are used to slow down or speed up the different patterns.

With the launch of our new book one of the most requested features is now available on all platforms! Time-stretching was one of the most requested feature in the PercussionTutor app and is now accessible with your regular DAW. For those who are not as computer savvy, we made a video on how to loop and slow down a rhythm with the free Audacity editor.

Get the full book package with audio, videos and loops. It is compatible with any computer, tablet or smartphone. Learn more about the book here, or buy the book on Gumroad as a digital download for $29.90


Percussive Arts Society's Percussive Notes publication (Credit: PAS)

Percussive Arts Society’s Percussive Notes publication (Credit: PAS)

The Percussive Arts Society (PAS) is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world. The Percussive Arts Society is the world’s largest percussion organization and is considered the central source for information and networking for percussionists and drummers of all ages.

We would like to thank the Percussive Arts Society for their review which was published in january 2014 in the Percussive Notes journal (Digital version available). Percussive Notes is the journal of the Percussive Arts Society. This journal is written for professional and student percussionists.

Here is what the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) wrote

“PercussionTutor is an iOS application designed to teach traditional world percussion styles and their transfer to drumset. The interactive application is very thorough and includes styles or “rhythms”from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, West Africa, and an in-depth collection of traditional Cuban Bata patterns.

As an example of how each style works within the application, the guaguanco page displays an image of each of the instruments that make up this traditional rhythm (clave, maraca, cascara, salidor, tres golpe, and quinto). When the play button is pressed, each of the instruments can be heard and then toggled off or on to mix a composite sound of each voice. This allows a student to isolate and learn each component of the style one voice at a time.

In addition to the mixer feature, sheet music is provided to demonstrate the rhythmic ostinatos of the given style (this is best viewed with your device turned to landscape). An “info” tab displays background and cultural details about each style, and a tempo slider is also provided to slow down or speed up each rhythm. Each style also includes a performance video that demonstrates these patterns by leading percussionists in New York City.

Navigation is simple and the layout is logical and easy to grasp. Toggles, sliders, and buttons are large, and I found no obvious bugs that prevent a solid user experience. Additional features include the ability to “star” frequently used styles so they can be quickly located, and a useful “help” section that includes tips and advice for using the app as well as specific notation guidelines. A companion book or pdf file can also be downloaded for use with the interactive playback.

The application can be purchased through the iOS App Store. The current version (2.5) comes in at 119MB and requires iOS 5 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, although it is not optimized for the iPad’s larger screen. Since its introduction in 2012, the application has seen a few updates, one of which included the addition of five new rhythmic styles and a new user interface. This is promising, as the developers will likely continue to contribute more content in the future. There are no in-app purchases, so users receive all features with one purchase.” – Thad Anderson, the Percussive Arts Society

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