What the pros are saying

Miguel Monroy (Modern Drummer October 2015 issue):
“This is the only app in our list that’s dedicated solely to global percussion education, and it does its job wonderfully. … The simplicity and functionality of the PercussionTutor app is the result of a lot of work from the creators. This is a must-have for anyone wanting an encyclopedia of world percussion rhythms at their fingertips”

Dan Brigstock (Founder of
“As a drumkit player I’ve never really put the time into studying traditional percussion and its uses. PercussionTutor has opened up this whole world for me in a very easy to navigate app. The information text with each exercise along with the videos and transcriptions makes it incredibly easy to work out what is happening and more importantly, why. This is a must have app for drummers and percussionists alike”.

Damian Erskine (bassist, educator, writer for
“PercussionTutor is truly fantastic and a blast to play along with”. (full review on

Amina Figarova (piano player, composer):
“The way this app is designed is perfect for musicians and for non musicians. Very educative, fun, allows you to get insides of ancient rhythms in a very playful way”.

Lincoln Goines (electric and acoustic bassist, author of ‘Funkifying the Clave)’ “This app is an engaging and informative way to check out the original funk. A great tool for musicians, dancers, and all lovers of rhythm”.

Claus Hessler (drummer; clinician, performer)
“This app really is an amazing tool to complement studies in world music. Years ago many of the informations here were quite hard to collect – sometimes even sort of well kept secrets. For me definitely on of the “must have apps” in the educational drumming scene, and also an extremely valuable tool in teaching Latin music”.

Gregor Huebner (violin and piano player, composer):
“This is one amazing source of rhythmic complexity for me as a composer, violinist and pianist. Thanks Jerome for working so hard to put this app to work and make it so accessible”.

Anthony Michelli (drummer, educator):
“Percussion Tutor is an extremely fun and user friendly resource that can be readily accessed, at the tip of your fingers, to learn from and practice along with.  Highly recommended as it’s great for musicians of all levels alike”.

Andrew Proctor (
“The PercussionTutor app is extraordinary! It’s an invaluable resource for any musician; not just drummers or percussionists to really understand how to play over 50 examples of familiar and not so familiar World Music grooves.”

Max Senitt (educator, drummer): “LONG gone are the days of stock ‘Latin’ rhythms. This app is amazing and inspiring: a wide and diverse range of truly authentic rhythms that you can hear in whole or in part(s), see written out in score, and witness being performed on the video links. A truly complete package that is extremely FUN, and useful for almost anybody in the world.  BUY IT!”

Carl Thomson (drummer, educator): “A wealth of knowledge and experience has gone into this App! Amazing bank of rhythms and styles’ Fantastic tool for musicians, producers, and performers alike”.

Marco Kasel (Founder/Owner of Oceanbound Entertainment Inc.):
“Knowledge, inspiration, and fun, all in one easy to use app. Well done!”.

iTunes Store Reviews

Best app ever!! by qweasdzxcerr (***** Italy)
If you are looking for an app who helps you to get to know all the rhythms, watch video, get the score, mute one drums and play along with the other drums..and much more!! this is the app!! For this price is just awesome! Thanks!

Great by AlexPPPxdl (***** Ireland)
Excellent app. Must have for any percussionists! Really easy to use and a great introduction to so many great grooves.

A gem for percussionists and students of Afro-Latin music by rhythmtank (**** United States)
Impressively thorough guide to the legitimate basics of Afro-Latin percussion. I just wish you could adjust the tempos. (PercussionTutor Team: “time-stretching is available since version 3! So is this a ***** :-) ?”)

Fantastique!!! by Zanzan83 (***** France)
Une appli au top fait par un passionné et un professionnel. Bravo et merci.

Best BATA APP ever! by Adrian de haro (***** Spain)
Here some sugestions: Add metronome, clave, shekere or/and 6×8 cowbell icons to BATA rythms, also with the possibility of activate/deactivate it. And also the possibility to modify the tempo of BATA when played individually. (PercussionTutor Team: “Since version 4 you can use time-stretch on all the rhythms and on all instruments. For most rhythms you can now even use a metronome that plays along. Finally finding the one isn’t so hard anymore … And we will add many features for the metronome over the next releases. Different claves are definitely on the radar.”)

Excellent app for learning and practicing rhythms! by HermanEC (***** United States)
Thank you so much for this app. Please, please keep updating it with more Cuban rhythms and especially more of the Oru Seco. For the prospective buyer here’s what the app has. Cuban, Dominican, Brazilian, and African rhythms. The cuban rhythms include songo, mozambique, guaguanco, Afro, and a few others. All of the parts can be muted or soloed, including the clave which for cuban music replaces the metronome. They have a bunch of Bata rhythms with one or two variations and conversations, the whole Oru Seco isn’t there yet but for practicing basic marchas of the rhythms its awesome. Some toques especiales (special rhythms) like Iyesa, chacha lokuafun, are there. If they keep updating it with more rhythms and variations this has the potential to be the best percusioon app ever, like a playalong, method book, and backing track all in one, a veritable percussion encyclopedia. Please keep updating it. (PercussionTutor Team: “2 words: we will!”)

Возможность замедления для каждого инструмента по отдельности by 12112122 (***** Russia)
Отличное приложение. Разработчики молодцы! Сделайте, пожалуйста, возможность замедления темпа для каждого инструмента по отдельности и всё будет вообще супер! (PercussionTutor Team: “We dig the Cyrillic script and what we got from google translate is the time-stretching request again. Since version 4 you can use time-stretch on all the rhythms and on all the instruments. The app is also universal now so it looks nice on the iPhone and the iPad.”)

Axé desde Chile by Maheiano (***** Chile)
Muy agradecido por poner a disposición de los percusionistas (usuarios de iOS): los ritmos de raíz africana y afrolatinoamericana #interactiva #mente

Fantastica App!! Consigliatissima a tutti by Un solo capitano (***** Italy)
App spettacolare semplice ed intuitiva. Sono presenti una moltitudine di ritmi di ogni genere e per chi come me studia i ritmi cubani è perfetta. Veramente consigliatissima.

Excelente by noilaguararey (***** Mexico)
Muy buena!! Muchas felicidades!! Me gustarían también, otros ritmos latinos como, bolero, son, danzón, jazz latín, por favor!!! (PercussionTutor Team: “Thanks! We hear you and are releasing new rhythms on a regular basis. We have over 50 more in store since our last recording session in NY.”)

Brilliant App by Steve Richter (***** United States)
I downloaded this app with no expectations. To say it blew my mind is an understatement. I am a working muso and teacher and it is an Awesome resource with so much to offer. I can’t wait for more updates! Hats off to the designers and the whole team!

Percussion Tutor by Vito1031 (**** United States)
What an amazing and pleasant surprise!! Being a musician myself, I found the app quite useful. There is an “in-app” metronome for slowing down or speeding up the tempo, in case a rhythm is unfamiliar to you. You can use the rhythms as background music to practice your own instrument to.They also provide a link so that u can download the instruction manual in PDF format!All of the rhythms are quite precise and crisp…I commend the musicians involved. Great work, guys!!You can even watch the rhythm being played…there are videos!!They also provide a short historical synopsis of each rhythms origin! Very cool!!This really is a great app and I highly recommend it whether or not you have a musical background.Thanks guys!!!

Funky by Ańá Obá (***** Panama)
This is the best batá tutorial i’ve ever seen.

Honnête et généreux by Zanzan83 (***** France)
C’est les mots qui me viennent à l’esprit en pensant au concepteur.Refonte total de l’appli sans faire payer quoi que ce soit, c’est agréable.Une appli au top fait par un passionné et un professionnel.Bravo et merci.

Genial by Chaipi (***** Switzerland)
Die zusätzlichen Schlaginstrumente können nach und nach hinzugefügt werden. Das habe ich gebraucht!!! Top……


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